"How is Everyone Else Able to Write for a Living?"

The US has a problem with condemning hardship while simultaneously glorifying it. The major problem with carroting is it paints a false picture of success and failure, and consequently makes the rest of us feel inferior when we’re unable to hit the mark.

"How Do I Deal with Imposter Syndrome?"

I approached it like a golden lab crashing a wedding buffet. I wasn’t supposed to be there, but damn if I wasn’t going to cram my mouth with as much food as possible while they yanked me off the table.

"Do I Have to Include Covid in My Plot?"

To my memory, it’s not unlike the situation writers faced after the 2016 election. Suddenly, the United States was upended in a way nobody could ignore, and to not acknowledge it in a plot felt like a blatant disregard to the point of distraction for some readers.

"How Do I Find My Dream Agent?"

Looking for an agent is a mix between applying for a job and searching for a romantic partner. Obtaining agent representation is highly desirable, but it’s never something you want to rush into.