"But Aren’t Book Bans Kind of Helpful?"

Book bans aren’t really extra publicity. Or maybe, at best, they’re neutral extra publicity. As in, publicity that doesn’t do anything. People are talking about the book, people are angry about the book ban, but it’s not improving sales, nor is it reversing the ban.

"How Can I Stay Safe as a Marginalized Writer?"

As writers, we have to weigh the pros and cons of each safety choice, which can include financial cost, social cost, a potential dip in book sales, and other matters. Personally, I aim for a balance that makes me feel safer without simultaneously feeling silenced.

"I'm Not Successful as a Writer. Should I Quit?"

We in the writing community need to discuss and (re)define success as writers. There’s a lot of false senses of success out there, making many of us feel inadequate when we've actually done well. So let's break down these misconceptions.