Well, hello there! This is The Queer Writer, a space of curated content and advice for LGBTQ+ writers. It includes The Queer Writer Monthly, a newsletter about classes, opportunities, and books for LGBTQ+ writers (posted on the first of every month); and Queeries, an advice column on all things literary (posted on the second Thursday of every month). I hope these offerings provide you with resources and guidance for finding what you need in your writing journey.

I’m Milo Todd (he/him), writer and instructor. I provide craft and workshop classes primarily for queer, trans, and/or nonbinary writers, including the 9-month Novel Immersive for LGBTQ+ Writers at GrubStreet. I’m also the Managing Editor of Fiction for the award-winning LGBTQ+ literary journal, Foglifter Journal, and Program Manager for the GrubStreet LGBTQ+ Writers' Weekend in Boston. I mostly write fiction on trans and queer history, with additional works on the trans experience and the trans body. A few of my shorter works are floating around and my agent and I are working on getting one of my novels published. Along the way, I've been selected for honors and opportunities from Lambda Literary, Tin House, Pitch Wars, Monson Arts, the Novel Incubator, and others.

I have over 15 years of experience with the writing world and the publication industry. I learned a lot the hard way, especially as a queer and trans person. There was so much out there that nobody was talking about. But as I gained community and knowledge, I knew I wanted to help fellow writers to the best of my ability. Hopefully, it makes the journey for others a little easier.

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Milo Todd's logo of a simple, geometric fox head. It has a black nose, white cheeks, and a reddish-orange face and ears.