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Well hello there! This is The Queer Writer, a monthly newsletter about classes, opportunities, and books for LGBTQ+ writers. My hope is this newsletter provides you with some resources for finding what you need in your writing journey.

I’m Milo Todd, writer and instructor. I mostly write fiction on trans and queer history, with additional works on the trans experience and the trans body. A few of my shorter works are floating around and my agent and I are working on getting one of my novels published. I’m an assistant fiction editor for Foglifter Journal and was selected for Lambda Literary, Tin House, Pitch Wars, Monson Arts, and the Novel Incubator.

I struggled with writing and the publication industry as a queer and trans person for over a decade. I learned a lot the hard way and often alone. These past few years, I’ve put together classes and related resources so other LGBTQ+ writers hopefully don’t have to struggle as much as I did.

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