The Queer Writer: December 2023

Another The Queer Writer exclusive is afoot! I'm finally launching Transcestors, a series of free 1-hour sessions on trans and queer (but mostly trans) history.

"Why Do Literary Journals Take So Long?"

I used to feel pretty frustrated by all that waiting. But then I experienced life on the other side of the fence. It opened my eyes considerably. Generally speaking, a longer wait time is a good sign while a shorter wait time can be a bad one.

"Somebody Published My Idea Before Me. Now What?"

What we end up having here, my friend, is not a concern of someone else—phenomenologically or otherwise—using our ideas, but rather something harder to admit: The belief that we’re not good enough.

"My Debut Didn’t Sell. Am I a Failure?"

What I say now isn’t intended to be in a Glinda the Good Witch voice, but rather that grizzled old man at the back of the bar: Failure begets successes that otherwise never would’ve happened.