"What Can I Expect from an Agent?"

Agents are often overworked, underpaid, and have full lives outside of their jobs. I think writers sometimes have unrealistic expectations because of one of my favorite things in the world: inaccurate movie portrayals of a writer’s life.

The Queer Writer: June 2024

Happy Pride Month! If you're reading this early enough, here is a reminder that the next Transcestors session is starting in a few hours. Come learn all about where Pride Month began with a talk on the Stonewall Rebellion!

"But Aren’t Book Bans Kind of Helpful?"

Book bans aren’t really extra publicity. Or maybe, at best, they’re neutral extra publicity. As in, publicity that doesn’t do anything. People are talking about the book, people are angry about the book ban, but it’s not improving sales, nor is it reversing the ban.