The Queer Writer: October 2023

This October, you know what's scary? Only 17% of eligible people in the US got the last Covid booster in 2022. But now there's a brand new, updated booster available, so let's get those numbers up. Get your boo-ster shot!

"How Worried Should I Be About ChatGPT?"

Regarding AI-generated stories as a potential threat to writers, let’s first focus on what you directly asked about: ChatGPT. This is, after all, what launched a thousand ships of anxiety.

"Is My Agent a Scammer?"

When it comes to telling the difference between an agent and a scammer, there are several strategies. The easiest is how the person expects payment. Simply put, an agent doesn’t make money until you make money.

The Queer Writer: September 2023

For the first-year anniversary, I'm finally expanding this newsletter's goals with something I've always wanted to offer: an advice column on all things literary, appropriately named Queeries!