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1. "Is My Agent A Scammer?"

2. "My Debut Didn’t Sell. Am I a Failure?"

3. "Somebody Published My Idea Before Me. Now What?"

4. "How Can I Fix the Slow Middle of My Story?"

5. "How Do I Find My Dream Agent?"

6. "How is Everyone Else Able to Write for a Living?"

7. "I'm Not Successful as a Writer. Should I Quit?"

8. "How Can I Stay Safe as a Marginalized Writer?"

9. "But Aren’t Book Bans Kind of Helpful?"

10. "What’s the Point of Writing if the World is on Fire?"

11. "How Can I Learn to Read as Much as Other People?"

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1. "How Worried Should I Be About ChatGPT?"

2. "Why Do I Feel So Bad After Workshopping?"

3. "Why Do Literary Journals Take So Long?"

4. "Should I Copyright My Work Before Sending It to an Agent?"

5. "Do I Have to Include Covid in My Plot?"

6. "How Do I Deal with Imposter Syndrome?"

7. "Does Writing Autofiction Mean I'm Self-Absorbed?"

8. "Why Do Some Big-Name Series and Authors Decline in Quality?"

9. "Why Do Readers Keep Forgetting the Names of My Characters?"

10. "What Can I Expect from an Agent?"

11. "Is the Third Book Phenomenon Real?"

12. Next question arrives 8/8/24!