Queeries Q&A

Q&A for Queeries, an advice column on all things (LGBTQ+) literary.

How do I submit a question?

You can submit a question via this form.

What kinds of questions do you answer?

Anything related to writing that I feel I'm capable of answering. This includes craft, contests, literary journals, residencies, querying, publishing, socio-political barriers, anxieties, concerns, struggles, and whatever else to which you think I can lend some thought.

Why you?

Besides this project being near and dear to my heart, I have over 15 years of professional experience in the literary world. I'm an agented writer; the managing editor of fiction at Foglifter Journal; a creative writing instructor at GrubStreet and other locations; have sat on such selection committees as the Lambda Literary Awards and the Novel Incubator Program; was selected for such workshops, residencies, and opportunities as Tin House, Monson Arts, Lambda Literary, and Pitch Wars; spoken at such conferences as Muse & and the Marketplace, the Boston Book Festival (BBF Unbound), and OutWrite; and I'm the creator, curator, and moderator of the Writing Beyond Binaries reading and panel series. I've also faced countless barriers, setbacks, and failures, so I get how hard this road can be, especially as a trans writer.

I'm eager to answer questions to the best of my ability on all things writing. I don't know everything--far from it--but I know what it's like to navigate the murkiness of the writing world without information. I hope Queeries helps folks out!

Can anybody submit a question?

Yep! Whether a free subscriber or a paid one, a queer person or not, you can submit a question for consideration. (Please note that all questions will be answered with the assumption the writer is LGBTQ+, which is pretty much how I operate in life at large.)

You never answered the question I submitted!

I'm sorry about that. If I haven't answered your question, it's because I've already answered a similar question, the question is too specific to help other writers, or I'm simply bogged down with a ton of submitted questions.

Does this mean my submitted question may never get answered?


Even if I'm a paid subscriber?


Do you prioritize answering the questions submitted by paid subscribers over free subscribers?

Nope! To keep things fair, I answer the "free" questions from the pool of free subscribers and the "paid" questions from the pool of paid subscribers.

I'm a free subscriber, but you answered my question under the paid subscriber content.

Whoops. Sometimes things get past me. If this has happened to you, please contact me. (Please note that if you marked yourself as a paid subscriber in the question submission form or if you have since changed your membership, I won't be able to fix it.)

May I quote from one of your responses?

Certainly! Please just provide 1) appropriate reference and 2) a link back to the source material.

You're the coolest person ever and incredibly handsome! How can I support you?

To support me for free, please sign up with a free subscription, spread the word about The Queer Writer, and/or encourage people to subscribe! If you're willing and able to support me through financial means, please consider a paid subscription to The Queer Writer or providing a tip.

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