Milo Todd

Milo Todd

Milo Todd is a writing instructor at GrubStreet and Managing Editor of Fiction at Foglifter Journal. He was selected for Tin House, Lambda Literary, Pitch Wars, Monson Arts, and the Novel Incubator.

The Queer Writer: March 2024

Want to learn more about queer and trans people in history? The first official Transcestors session is on the 23rd, focusing on Pirates of the 1600s Atlantic!

"How is Everyone Else Able to Write for a Living?"

The US has a problem with condemning hardship while simultaneously glorifying it. The major problem with carroting is it paints a false picture of success and failure, and consequently makes the rest of us feel inferior when we’re unable to hit the mark.

"How Do I Deal with Imposter Syndrome?"

I approached it like a golden lab crashing a wedding buffet. I wasn’t supposed to be there, but damn if I wasn’t going to cram my mouth with as much food as possible while they yanked me off the table.

"Do I Have to Include Covid in My Plot?"

To my memory, it’s not unlike the situation writers faced after the 2016 election. Suddenly, the United States was upended in a way nobody could ignore, and to not acknowledge it in a plot felt like a blatant disregard to the point of distraction for some readers.